Beginner Riding Lessons 

 An affordable riding class for children, teens and adults 


Group Classes:  $25  

Classes are one hour thirty minutes long, four children per class.  Children will learn about horsemanship together.  In these classes each child will have one on one time riding with the horse and instructor.  While one child rides, the other children will be doing an activity such as art or an exercise.  Children can ride once a week, once a month and so on.


Private Lessons:  $45

Children will have 60 minutes of one on one time with the instructor and the horse. The lessons are more customized to their needs and their specific riding level.  They will become proficient at steering, trotting, cantering and jumping if so desired.


Dominic's Farm currently offers summer camp for children 4 - 10 years of age.   Children will partake in farm chores everyday, have horseback riding instruction and will have additional activities with a different theme each week.  Please visit our farm website: for more information.